Port of Oakland, Berth 57, 58 and 59 | City of Hayward WWTP Phase 1 Expansion
San Jose State, Telecom Project | CA DWR, East Branch Extension
EBMUD Adeline Maintenance Center | San Diego State Co-generation Facility

Infrastructure provides the collective and essential backbone necessary for all urban, suburban, and small town communities to function. Whether the facility is a water or sewer line, wharf, roadway, bridge, railway, telecommunication system, power substation, or treatment plant, Consolidated CM (CCM) has the experience and expertise to help. CCM has helped clients all over the State of California to construct more than a billion dollars of new infrastructure. CCM' s staff includes licensed engineers, contractors, architects, operations specialists, and certified inspection staff to assist you with your project.

Port of Oakland, Berth 57, 58 and 59
CCM provided full-service construction management for this $80 million 3600-foot-long marine terminal project for Port of Oakland Vision 2000 project. Consolidated team included 8-14 quality control inspectors, project manager, construction managers, office engineers, and administrative coordinator staff. Our scope of service consisted of a comprehensive construction management service providing field inspection, testing, and contract management. The Port of Oakland wharf 57, 58 and 59 project were constructed to service the newest generation container vessels, which require a 50-foot draft and extra large container cranes to handle cargo. The unique scope of work for this marine project included cement deep soil mixing, around-the-clock deep channel dredging in a busy waterway, land reclamation for a new shoreline park, a 1500-foot-long slurry cut-off wall to prevent contaminants from leaching into the Oakland Estuary, and a treatment plant to filter contaminated groundwater. The reinforced concrete wharf structure was constructed on very soft bay mud using extra long pre-stressed concrete piles, some up to 165 feet. Consolidated CM Team finished this project on time and on budget with no claim for which we were proud to be complimented by the Port Director as the most successful construction management team on the Vision 2000 program.
City of Hayward Wastewater Treatment Plant,
Phase I Expansion
CCM served as construction manager on this $48 million project to improve the operations, quality of treatment and reliability of the City’s existing wastewater treatment plant infrastructure. In this role CCM provided, project and construction management, inspection scheduling and contract administration support. During the design phase CCM provided constructability and pre-qualification assistance to the City as well as value engineering and contract negotiations assistance. Once construction began CCM was full time in the field. The project site posed many challenges, from high groundwater and bay mud to existing inoperable facilities, some of which are partially demolished and long forgotten. Many of the improvements directly impact existing plant operations; consequently the project was planned and implemented in phases to facilitate concurrent plant operation and construction. Specific plant improvements included two 130 foot diameter final clarifiers, a new biofilter tank a new solids contact tank structure and a mixed media odor scrubbing system. Six electrical buildings were constructed to house the new 12KV switchgear upgrade from the old 460volt system and an electrical duct bank was built around the entire parameter of the facility. Two additional process buildings were also built along with approximately 4,000 linear feet of large diameter (24-inch to 54-inch) process pipe mostly buried as well as smaller diameter process and utility piping. A new SCADA system composed of distributed PLC controllers was also part of the scope of work. The project is on going as of April 2008 and projected to be on schedule.
San Jose State, Telecom Project
This telecommunications project was a multiple-phase effort to improve the campus data highway and connect all campus classrooms and offices. The project involved more than $30 million of improvements, requiring extensive trenching and invasive construction throughout the interiors of virtually every building on campus to install new wiring and create data closets. The outside work was performed during the day, but most of the interior work had to be performed at night, with building security a particular concern. Working closely with campus staff, CCM recruited students studying law enforcement to work as nighttime security guards. CCM provided construction management, inspection and contract administration as well as pre-construction constructability, value engineering and contractor pre-qualification. The project was successfully completed on schedule with no claims or disputes.
CA DWR, East Branch Extension
The $140 million East Branch Extension program included a new 15-mile, 60-inch welded steel pipeline, two new pump stations, a new earthen dam, and an associated reservoir, constructed with multiple prime contracts. Under a two-year term-services agreement to work as staff extension, CCM provided resident engineering, inspection, scheduling, and administrative support. Pipeline installation depths varied from 10 to 30 feet below grade and required extensive utilities support and relocation work. In the improved areas, the project included reconstructed roadways, traffic signals, curb, and gutter. In addition, the pipeline was routed through downtown Yucaipa, which required extensive planning to maintain safety and traffic control. Following completion of the East Branch Extension, CCM also staffed the fast-paced 24/7 emergency repair of the failing Santa Anna pipeline.
EBMUD Adeline Maintenance Center
The Adeline Maintenance Center, which covers three city blocks in downtown Oakland, has been in continuous service since the 1920’s. The facility is the center for the District' s emergency response program, vehicle maintenance, meter repair, materials testing lab, paint shop, print shop, material storage, and District administrative functions. Neighborhood concerns were a large factor in the design of four new buildings and rehabilitation of the original administration building. The $26 million modernization project was constructed using the design-build approach, and the center remained in service throughout construction. During the pre-bid phase, CCM assisted with constructability and design-build team prequalification. During construction, CCM worked closely with the contractor to develop a $3 million value engineering work scope, and provided construction management, resident engineering, and inspection support.
San Diego State Co-generation Facility
The San Diego State Co-generation project was a pure design-build effort. The bid documents consisted of a detailed performance specification, the campus architectural standards and little else. The project involved construction of a new two story steel framed building adjacent to the existing central plant and the installation and start-up of a 15 mega-watt co-generation system. The co-generation system consisted of 2-5 mega-watt gas turbine generators and an additional 5 mega-watt heat recovery steam generator. The facility also produces hot water which is used via a hydronic heating system to heat campus buildings. The system employs a state-of-the-art software management systems which monitors the electric and gas market prices in real time and based on the observed pricing shifts operation to use the least expensive fuel. Because the project was performance driven the commissioning process for both the campus and the local power company were particularly rigorous. CCM provided resident engineering, start-up/commissioning support and inspector of record services for the $15M project, completed in 2002.