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COM making a difference 1
COM making a difference 1
COM making a difference 1
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Consolidated CM offers a comprehensive project controls support service as a way to manage and budgeting cost for our chents. Our pro-active management service includes scheduling, estimating and cost control, to constructability Review, and Value Engineering efforts.


Consolidated CM (CCM) provides complete scheduling support. We make a difference by monitoring the big picture for project owners without losing sight of the details needed to assist contractors with work-around scenarios or to ensure appropriate interface with ongoing operations.

Our typical scheduling services include:

  • Program and project master schedules, including costing and projecting
  • Construction coordination schedules to manage the project interface
  • Construction schedule review
  • Change Order impact schedule and frag-net review
  • Schedule as-builts for dispute resolution or claims analysis
  • Line of balance scheduling and analysis


Consolidated CM (CCM) provides cost control services for construction projects on a variety of levels. At the start of a project, CCM helps with preliminary estimates and cash flow analyses to assist owners in evaluating how much capital will be needed for the project and when it will be needed. As the project progresses, CCM provides projections of construction cost required to complete the project, tracks expenditures against budget, and monitors and tracks funding sources. CCM maintains detailed and accurate cost information throughout the project, making a difference by keeping owners up to date on the full financial picture.


Constructability review is one of the most cost effective services an owner can procure. Consolidated CM’s (CCM) constructability reviews make a difference in the bottom line before construction begins. CCM assembles a senior team of construction experts in each construction discipline appropriate to the project, and the review begins with a project orientation, often provided by the designer of record. Following the orientation, each team member individually reviews the portions of the contract documents assigned to him or her. This generally takes 2 to 5 days depending on the size and complexity of the project.

At the end of the individual review, each team member identifies and ranks 5 to 10 issues and a team meeting is held to discuss the findings, focusing initially on the team ranked comments. This group discussion often generates additional issues, and once completed the CCM team leader assembles the comments into a report for owner and designer review. The report includes a line-item for each comment to be addressed by the designer.

CCM sometimes uses a variation of this approach, particularly for constructability reviews of operational facilities, which benefit from the participation of operations and maintenance staff. In such cases, a larger meeting of all reviewers may be convened and the plans reviewed as a group page-by-page with comments solicited. At the completion of the review, which could take several days on larger projects, the findings are assembled into a report for designer action.


Because Consolidated CM (CCM) is independent of the designer, our value engineering (VE) services make a difference by providing a fresh perspective and maximizing the originality of the findings. Working under a certified value specialist, CCM assembles a multi-disciplined team of design and construction experts. Following the accepted VE methodology, CCM conducts a workshop to revisit the function of each project component. In the process, we suggest alternates.

CCM quantifies potential cost savings and summarizes the findings in a report. The suggested changes are reviewed with the owner and designer, and the owner provides direction as to which findings are to be incorporated into the design.