Consolidated CM (CCM) inspection team is the best in the business. Our inspectors have a minimum of 15 to 20 years of construction experience and all hold multiple inspection certifications including ICC building inspection, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, BISCI Data/Telecommunications and DSA. Many also hold college degrees and contractor’s licenses also often having hands on experience in the construction trades prior to become inspectors.

CCM views its inspection staff as more then quality control/quality assurance experts. They are also our first line in the construction management of each project. In addition to going the extra mile with their code and compliance inspection, our resident inspectors have a comprehensive understanding of the project that they work on. This understanding of the construction process results in a naturally proactive approach to problem identification helping to get it right the first time and minimizing the amount of expensive and time consuming contractor rework, They continually review RFI’s, check submittals and anticipate and manage potential field problems working closely with the field superintendent and key foreman. Every day they also cross-reference observed field work with planned schedule activities and record that information on the daily inspection reports. As a result, our inspectors understand the critical link between physical work observed in the field and the work plan represented by the contractor’s schedule. This helps keep the project moving while insuring it is code compliant.

With CCM inspection staff on your project, it will be built right the first time because our inspectors are uncompromising in enforcing the code and compliance but they are also team players who understand how to plan and build a project.